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RS: Maximum Entropy Model

I’m preparing a presentation involving the Maximum Entropy Model, and here are some materials collected for current and future reference.

Natural Language Processing Lecture Slides from the Stanford Coursera course by Dan Jurafsky and Christopher Manning:

The equivalence of logistic regression and maximum entropy models:

[CN]为什么 LR 模型要使用 sigmoid 函数,背后的数学原理是什么?

Softmax function:

Exponential family:


Joint versus Conditional Densities – Pros and Cons:



[CN]拉格朗日对偶性(Lagrange Duality):




[CN]数学之美系列十六 — 谈谈最大熵模型:


Hierarchical Training Model:


[CN]MaxEnt: 最大熵模型(Maximum Entropy Models)(一):

[CN]Variational Bayes:


Picturing the Universe: The Contemporary Paintings of Ejay Weiss:

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